A Calipering Device for Deep Foundation Excavations

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The SONICaliper™ is a cost-effective quality control and quality assurance tool for deep foundation excavations such as drilled shafts, slurry walls (barrettes) and secant walls.

The SONICaliper has the ability to virtually "see" foundation excavation shapes prior to placing concrete in dry or wet conditions. Effective in water, polymers and mineral slurries, sonar calipering provides outstanding resutls in real-time display. Using proprietary software, it creates "as-constructed" images and calculations immediately after the excavation has been profiled. This information gives the engineer, designer and contractor additional confidence that the end product is manufactured according to specification.

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Utilizing sonar technology, the SONICaliper provides a full 360-degree profile and can determine diameter, assess verticality and calculate volume. Our unique product even allows users to generate a complete three-dimensional model of the excavation.

Project Profiles

Sample SONICaliper Profiles


SONICaliper Service Sheet (PDF)

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