SONICaliper Facts and Questions

What information does the SONICaliper provide?

The SONICaliper provides the verticality, diameter and volume of a drilled shaft, slurry wall. A drilled shaft sample report is available by clicking here.

What are the recommended elevation increments?

Typically a profile is taken every 10' inside any steel casing and every 4' in the open excavation. Additional profiles could be taken to explore any anomalies found in shaft volume, diameter or verticality.

How long does it take to profile a drilled shaft or slurry wall?

Set up over the excavation should not take more than 10 minutes. On average each elevation profile can be captured in less than one minute. A 100' shaft with 30' of casing should take no more than 20 - 25 minutes. (diameter has no affect on time) More time may be required if examination of an anomaly is required.

Is the SONICaliper restricted by shaft diameter?

The SONICaliper can be used to profile drilled shafts from 18" to >12' in diameter.

To what depth can the SONICaliper be used?

The SONICaliper can be used to a depth of 300' (deeper depths are possible if required.)

Is the SONICaliper weather sensitive?

All aspects of the SONICaliper are ruggedized for all types of weather, including the laptop. (Ideally the laptop should be operated with some type of protection from rain/snow.)

How long does it take to generate the reports?

Reports are generated within minutes of completing the final profile. Profiles (right) were all completed in-situ.

Download Sample Report (PDF)

What is the cost?

The average cost per drilled shaft or slurry wall should range from $750 - $1000 (variable due to production rate of shaft). SONICaliper devices are available on a lease basis, the average costs above does not include training and mobilization. Prices typically are higher per shaft on projects with special requirements.

What if I only want to caliper one (or two) shafts, what is the cost?

Depending on shaft size and geographic location, the costs could range in the $3000 - $5000 area plus mobilization.

Is there a specification available if I want to include in my project?

Download PDF file

Who operates the SONICaliper?

On most projects a field technician/engineer of the clients choosing can be trained. (Training takes 1-2 days) For projects involving 1-2 profiles, Loadtest will provide the necessary personnel.

Project Profiles

Sample SONICaliper Profiles


SONICaliper Service Sheet (PDF)

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